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Pazo San Mauro

Legend has it that this is the land of the finest Albariño wines

The pazo, or country house, that presides over the estate and gives it its name is located in Salvaterra do Miño by the banks of the river. In 2003, Marqués de Vargas Family Wines and Estates acquired Pazo de San Mauro, a 30 hectare vineyard in Rías Baixas in the Condado de Tea sub-zone.


Pazo de San Mauro originally belonged to the noble Spanish and Portuguese Pereira de Castro family, descendants of King Sancho I of Portugal. It was built in 1591. Its history has always been entwined with that of wine production, because the remains of an old press room prove that wine was produced here in the 16th century.


Huge investment has been made into the property since it was purchased; its noble buildings have been restored and a new winery built with the latest technology for the best possible wine production.