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Premium Gin selection

Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is a premium gin created by means of a slow, unhurried distillation process. To obtain a wine liquor, which is the soul of the product, a portion of local Galician grapes of the Albariño variety is used. The distilling process is enhanced with the maceration of 12 local and foreign botanical elements.  In addition to juniper, it has various native Galician herbs such as lemon verdana, laurel leaves, sage or eucalyptus. It also incorporates salicaronia, a sea plant, cardamom, ginger, peppermint, hibiscus, black Ceylon tea and quinine.  This is a highly aromatic gin with hints of white flowers, lemon verdana and ginger, in harmony with balsamic hints of eucalyptus, laurel and mint. Delicate floral and fruity aromas accompanied by a subtle hint of juniper. Fresh and fruity on the palate, reminiscent of laurel and juniper on the nose.


Ampersand Pink is a premium gin distilled in England.  Using finely-sourced botanicals – juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, fresh strawberry, the peel of Spanish oranges and lemons, hand-peeled and sun dried and java pepper – the quadruple distillation gives this gin an exceptional purity.


Ampersand Grey is a premium dry London gin that combines the very best of England and Spain. It is a classic triple distilled gin, which amongst its plant extracts features fresh and citric flavours, provided by certified Spanish grown oranges and lemons which have been peeled by hand and sundried. This gin represents a back to basic approach to a gin and tonic made with the highest quality ingredients without detracting attention with over complications.

Gin Nao

NAO Gin is the only gin in the world aged in old Port casks. Made using the purest base spirit specially imported from London and then aged for four months in used Port barrels, Nao Gin continues the 300-year-old tradition of drinks collaboration between England and Portugal.

On the nose there is an instant and welcome juniper hit, accompanied by fresh zestiness and notes of orange peel and raisin. The sweetness from the old port oak is present but beautifully integrated. Acidity and freshness abound on the palate with lingering dried fruit and fig notes.

A magically unique Gin with an English heritage and a Portuguese soul.

To compliment these gins, we recommend using a premium tonic, this then allows you to provide a premium gin and tonic experience at a premium price. We are the sole distributor of the Original brand of tonics in Malta. The selection includes:

Mint, Citrus, Berries, Cherry, Classic, Yuzu Ocha, Zero Berries, Ginger Beer and Soda.