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  • Chula Negra (Stout)

    Chula Negra (Stout)

    CHULA NEGRA is a dark Stout type beer.

    Elaborated with toasted barley malts and European and American hops.

    Capacity: 33cl

    Alcohol: 4,9Vol

    Beer colour gloomy ruby, nearly black. Presents memories of toasted pastries, coffee, chocolate, vanilla and dried fruits  well matched  with a bitter touch which gives it  roundness and intensity.

    Perfect for the after-dinner conversation, alternate for the evening and as night drink. Goes well with dried fruits, with butter pastries and dessert.

    Not strained and not pasteurised so it can contain sediments.

  • Chula IPA

    Chula IPA

    CHULA IPA is an IPA (Indian Pale Ale).

    Elaborated with  Pale Ale  toasted malts, hops selected from 4 continents and with high fermentation yeast.

    Capacity: 33cl

    Alcohol: 5,4% Vol

    Special beer, copper coloured, complex and strong of character and body, with a high hopping.

    Perfect with roasts, red meats, stews, oily fish, cheese but most of all, with good company.

  • Chula Pale Ale

    Chula Pale Ale

    Toasted American Pale Ale beer produced with hops from United Kingdom and United States, Pale Ale and toasted malts.

    Capacity: 33cl

    Alcohol: 5,7% Vol

    Pale Ale is a full-bodied toasted beer. It shows aromas of ripe fruits, soft toast flavours of freshly baked pastries, honey, dried fruits and a slightly citric hint.

    It is the perfect beer to match any kind of food, meat, stew or legumes.

    It is the ideal company for a relaxing afternoon.

  • Chula Trigo (Wheat)

    Chula Trigo (Wheat)

    Elaborated according to the German tradition. Contains more than 50% of German malted wheat.

    Refreshing, turbid, fruity, with long lasting head of foam.

    Capacity: 33 cl

    Alcohol: 5,0% Vol

    Trigo is a fruity beer, with soft bitterness, and a long-lasting head of foam. It shows aromas of banana and spices like clove. The  final taste is slightly floral and citric.

    It is the perfect beer for the aperitif, before lunch or dinner.

    It matches well with non-spiced food, rices, pasta dishes, salads, vegetables, chicken, fish and seafood.

  • Chula Gluten Free

    Chula Gluten Free

    Pale Ale type beer, 100% ecologic and produced gluten free.

    Fabricated with maltfrom Spain, Germany and United Kingdom.

    Capacity: 33 cl

    Alcohol: 4,9% Vol

    This beer is an easy to drink, splendid and full of life beer.

    It shows soft citric and floral aromas, that reminds of the beauty of the countryside, the freshness of a September´s night… It is the perfect beer to refresh each moment.

    It is a young glance and a joy for the senses, perfect to go with salads, rices, pastas, brie and salted fish.

  • Chula Premium Pilsner

    Chula Premium Pilsner

    Pilsner, a pale lager type beer.

    Made with 6 types of  malt cautiously selected, 6 hops from different countries (Spain, United States, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia) and bottom yeast.

    Bottle size: 33cl

    Alcohol: 5,0 % Vol

    Chula Prenium Pilsner is a golden colour beer with a long-lasting head of foam. The aroma shows hints of spices and flowers, slightly citric notes and sweet memories of the malt. On the palate, there is an excellent balance between the sweetness of the malt and the bitterness of the hops.

    It is the perfect beer for the aperitif, before lunch or dinner.

    It matches well with rices, pasta dishes, salads, vegetables, chicken, beef or fish. It also pairs well with barbecues and spicy food.

  • Chula (nearly) Alcohol Free

    Chula (nearly) Alcohol Free

    First “Free(ish) of alcohol craft beer of Spain. Those are the ones whose alcohol level  is lower than 1 %. Produced with barley and European and American hops.

    Bottle Size: 33cl

    Alcohol: *0,9% Vol*

    Pure light yellow colour with  moderate crown of white foam.

    On the nose it presents soft and fruity nuances, predominating citrus, especially orange and frosty mandarin,  with light touch of lemon rind and memories of passion fruit and peach.

    In the mouth it offers a well balanced entry with an important presence of citrus touch, standing out lemon and mandarin. Moderated and persistent bitterness with a dry  final.