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Brandy de Jerez is a complete unique product that comes with legal protection of “denomination of origin” and some required ageing and standards that must be adhered to in order for the spirit to carry the designation of Brandy de Jerez on its label. If you have ever believed that “Spanish brandy is just a cheap Cognac,” you’re mistaken. Just as the wines of the world are composed of countless grape varieties and aged in a myriad of ways, Brandy de Jerez is unique in its grape base (mainly Airén and Palomino Fino) and in the journey that the spirit takes from its first fermentation, to distillation, to ageing in the unique solera systems for which Spain’s “Sherry Triangle” is famous. The wine used to make Spanish brandy is generally very average, due to the unremarkable quality of Airén grapes themselves (recognised as the most widely planted grape on Earth). But, when Airén grape wine is distilled and aged, something magical occurs.

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