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Dominio de Anza

One of THE up and coming winemakers in Spain, Diego Magana, son of Juan Magana.

Dominio de Anza is Diego Magaña’s Bierzo project. They are a young family from Navarra with a winemaking tradition, Bodegas Viña Magaña, which has also accumulated experience in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Argentina and Chile.

It is a commercial promotion trip in the United States where he befriends Raúl Pérez, and he immediately convinces him to make a wine in El Bierzo, leaving him his own facilities. Trapped by the valley, the sunset and the vineyards, in 2014 he decided to make his first two wines in this area and they have been receiving rave reviews ever since.

We are proud to say we have known Diego for around 15+ years and tried some of his vintages when he helped his father out in Navarra.

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  • Selección de Parcelas

    Selección de Parcelas

    Dominio de Anza Selección de Parcelas is a red wine produced by the winery Dominio de Anza in Valtuille de Abajo, D.O. Bierzo.

    It is a wine made from Mencía grapes that comes from different vineyards of Valtuille de Abajo, always selecting the coldest areas and aged for 8 months in oak barrels.

    It is the project of Diego Magaña in El Bierzo. Diego is a young Navarrese brought up in a family with a long winemaking tradition, Bodegas Viña Magaña.

    Dominio de Anza Selección de Parcelas is an expressive, honest, balanced wine, with a lot of fruit and elegant ageing notes. An astonishing start of this young vinegrower in this area.


    Colour: Live cherry red of medium intensity.

    Nose: On the nose you have elegant aroma with presence of red fruits and floral pink and violet.