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Santiago Roma

Santiago Roma was born from a dream to produce an exceptional quality wine, respecting traditional handcrafted methods.The cellar is located in an old, restored farmhouse, partially buried on its north side and integrated with the vineyards. It boasts views of the Salnés Valley, overlooking 15 acres of owned vineyards. In all the winery controls 30 acres of vines.

Driven by a respect for the environment, the winery uses all-natural pesticides. Procedures such as as cold-pressing at low pressure, wild yeast fermentations and biological acidification through partial malolactic fermentation help ensure a sustainable, respectful vinification. The sum of our quality vineyards, terroir and climate fuelled by the passion of our team adds up to sublime wines with a very personal nature. In short, a wine with character, matured by Santiago Roma from the vineyard to the bottle: an authentic Albariño born in Rias Baixas!

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  • Colleita de Martis 2019

    Colleita de Martis 2019

    Value for money, easily the best Albarino on the market.  It is a challenge to find a drinkable Albarino in single figures, but we have two! The reason the wines are expensive is that most of the work has to be done manually.

    This is a fantastic example of a day to day Albarino, produced by Bodegas Santiago Roma, in Rias Baixas.


    Colour: Bright straw colour.

    Nose: Balsamic aromas of laurel with a touch of dry eucalyptus leaf and ripe apple.

    Taste: On the palate it is bursting with freshly cut grass, and lemon. It has a pleasant, measured bitterness that gives it a liveliness and suggestiveness ideal for accompanying seafood, fish, grilled vegetables and of course white meat.

  • Santiago Roma Seleccion 2018

    Santiago Roma Seleccion 2018

    The premium Albarino made by Bodegas Santiago Roma from Rias Baixas. Production is limited and varied depending on the vintage.


    Colour: Golden lemon colour.

    Nose: On the nose, it offers the discrete elegance of Albariño with notes of dry eucalyptus and clean grass, a fresh hint of citrus/lemon/tangerine and an attractive acacia flower touch.

    Taste: On the palate, it conveys the feeling of the grapes from which it comes, and the memory of sweet and clean grape juice, that in its final step leaves a balsamic laurel touch.