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Altos de Terral

Paco’s goal: Elegance and Tempranillo

“A small-volume project where I take great care of the details and keep my ideals strong.” This is how Paco defines it. Its objective is to achieve the elegance of Burgundian wines while preserving the characteristics of Tempranillo. And of course it does. Altos del Terral T1 2008, its first wine, has a powerful and aromatic nose, a round and well-structured mouth, marked all by subtle subtlety. A great work of barrels, all of them French and from four coopers, makes the difference. This, together with the care of the raw material and its careful preparation (fermentation in cones, malolactic in barrels, battonage and aging for 15 months), makes Altos del Terral T1 a wine that more than meets quality expectations. Its creator is clear, it does not conceive a wine without exhaustive control of the raw material.

For him, it is essential to know the land and the grapes that will be worked to obtain the best of it: “In Oenology, I combine the advances that we have today with respect for the good of the tradition of our grandparents, the secret is in achieving balance. To make a great wine you have to step on the ground.

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