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Bodegas Mocen

The Heart of Rueda

The abandoned medieval cellars where wine used to age in the times of Catholic Kings and the discovery of America is at the heart of Bodegas Mocén. Purchased and restored along with 140 hectares of prime vineyard land in the D.O. Rueda by visionary restaurateur Jose Luis in 1988. After 25 years Mr. Luis is ready to introduce the world to the high quality wines of Bodegas Mocén.

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  • Garayes Verdejo

  • Mocen Rueda 2019

    Mocen Rueda 2019

    A very good example of a Rueda wine, this cannot be called a Verdejo as it has some Viura in it which is why the price is lower than 100% Verdejo wines. Produced by Bodegas Mocen, this is a very easy to drink young white wine.


    Colour: Medium intense golden yellow with occasional green hues.

    Nose: On the nose it is big, with intense aromas of its Verdejo variety, hay and ripened tropical fruit.

    Taste: In the mouth, it is fresh, fruity, oily, big, consistent, round and balanced.

  • Mocen Sauvignon Blanc 2019

    Mocen Sauvignon Blanc 2019

    The only Sauvignon Blanc that we bring in from Spain, from Rueda in particular.  The traditional grape from Rueda is Verdejo.  Produced by Bodegas Mocen.


    Colour: Brilliant pale straw yellow colour.

    Nose: Very intense on the nose with pleasant aromas, fruits, mango, pineapple, guava, passion fruit.

    Taste: In the mouth it is big, smooth, persistent, a very balanced wine with big retro-nasal aromas.