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  • Pino Viejo Manzanilla

    Pino Viejo Manzanilla

    Type of wine: Manzanilla

    Grape Variety: Palomino Fino.

    PDO: Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

    Aging Average: 3-4 years.

    Alcohol: 15% Vol.

     Tasting Notes: Pale Straw colour. Clean and intense aroma with attractive notes of fresh, fruity and deep grass. The taste is fresh, with soft bitterness, good acidity, with a simple but pleasant mouth fill.


    Pairing: Mojama, anchovies in vinegar, cod, cold soups (ajo blanco and salmorejo), cured meats and sushi


  • Pino Viejo Oloroso

    Pino Viejo Oloroso

    Wine Type: Generoso

    Grape Variety: Palomino Fino.

    PDO: Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry.

    Average Aging: 4- 5 years.

     Alcohol: 17,5% Vol.


    Tasting Notes: It is fragrant, powerful, pungent scent of fine wood, woodwork, lacquer, varnish, stale touch, orange peel, bitter notes, nuts, almond and hazelnut. The entrance is dry and powerful, delicious salty point without hurting sharp, nice appearance, fine, lively and juicy acidity is bound.


    Pairing: Cured cheese (Manchego, Idiazabal and Parmesan) stews and game meat, cheeks, Jerez baked piglet, Tataky Red tuna, Bouef Bour Guignon, Coqau Vin and deer stew..



  • Pino Viejo Pedro Ximenez

    Pino Viejo Pedro Ximenez

    Wine Type: Sweet Natural.

    Grape Variety: Pedro Ximénez.

    PDO: Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry.

    Average Aging: 4-5 years.

     Alcohol: 15% Vol.


    Tasting Notes: Ebony colour wines with hints of iodine and with very wide tear and deep density sensation.

    The smell offers extremely rich aromas, dominated by the sweet notes of dried fruits such as raisins, figs and dates. Accompanied by aromas of honey, syrup and fruit compote. Accentuating the toasted tones (coffee, chocolate) by the aging time.

    The taste is velvety and creamy, with an acidity that mitigates the extreme sweetness and warmth of alcohol, and a long, delicious finish.

    Pairing: Blue Cheese (Cabrales, Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort) Desserts and Ice Cream (Cheesecake, Ice Cream and Vanilla Nougat and Chocolate Black) Panacotta, Mascarpone Ice Cream, Creamy Mexican Café and Chile.